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Friday, June 26, 2015

Welcome fans~

    I have very fond memories of Racing Champions die-cast cars~ I had so many of them growing up, and would spend countless hours in the floor "racing" them~ As I got older, and moved out on my own.. I left them behind for the younger kids to play with~

    Recently, I have re-kindled my love for them.. and upon doing so, I started to research them on the internet~ I was shocked to find so little information about Racing Champions die-cast~ As far as I know, there isn't a single forum anywhere on the internet where people can talk about their R.C. cars, although I did find some very poorly designed price guide sites~

   I've decided to take things into my own hands by creating this blog, for people to come and look at the cars, talk about them, and find out information they may not have known about~ And believe me, there is plenty to discuss when it comes to Racing Champions~ Still to this day, I find out something new and interesting about them~ For instance, I have 3 Richard Petty STP cars.. all 3 say "1991" on the bottom, yet all 3 are different~ I will do a post about those in days to come, along with all of my collection in due time~

    The places I've visited on the internet will often ridicule R.C., but they were one of the first to do NASCAR die-cast cars~ An added bonus was the stand they came with, and the racing card of the driver~ My favorite NASCAR team growing up in the 80's and 90's was the BGN team #75 Food Country U.S.A, driven by the following drivers, at some point or another: Brad Teague, Rick Wilson, Ernie Irvan, Doug Heveron, Butch Miller, Kelly Denton, Caleb Holman, Ronnie Hopkins, Morgan Shepherd, Jimmy Spencer, Ward Burton, Curtis Markham, Elton Sawyer, Jim Bown, Jimmy Hensley, Glenn Jarrett, Scott Lagasse, Scott Hansen, and Jay Sauter~

    In 1992, R.C. made a #75 Food Country die-cast in both 1/64 and 1/24 scale~ Obviously, I had to have both sizes.. not knowing that the 1/24 scale version would become one of the most sought after cars for collectors, due to such limited production, and the fact that Food Country bought almost all of them up to sale in their grocery stores~ It's probably the gem of my collection, as the last one I saw on Ebay sold for $249.00~ **Update** I have since found out that Racing Champions made a 1/43 scale version of the car, and I now have that one posted in the Butch Miller post~

    As of today, my collection, compared to the one of my younger days, is small~ I have 71 1/64 scale cars, 10 1/24 scale, and 1 1/43 scale~ As any fan of R.C. die-casts will know, it's not as easy as it sounds to find the right R.C. car~ I have wanted a #71 Dave Marcis Big Apple Market car since I've started re-collecting, and I just can't find one where the paint isn't smeared, or the car isn't cracking apart in the package~ You have to pay attention to this, or you'll get stuck with an ugly car~ In my opinion, that's part of the fun of collecting this specific brand of die-cast car~ The thrill of the hunt isn't over until you've checked it out for defects~ *Update* I got the Marcis car~

    In the posts to come, I will be posting pictures of my cars, one post at a time, along with all the information I know about the specific car, and driver~  Please feel free to leave a comment about any vintage NASCAR topics you may wish to discuss as well~ I'd rather not discuss the current NASCAR, if possible.. but I won't grumble too much if that's what you wish to discuss~

                                                                                              - Dave

As of 3/18/2017, I now have 1,576 NASCAR diecasts, with 1,267 of them being 1/64 scale, mainly Racing Champions~ 

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