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Sunday, August 2, 2015

1992 Miller Genuine Draft 500 Pocono event car

    The Miller Genuine Draft 500 @ Pocono was ran on July 19th 1992, and is probably best remembered for a violent crash involving Davey Allison~ Davey earned the pole position for the race, and led 115 laps before getting involved in the accident~ Delma Cowart from Savannah Georgia, and Randy Porter of Greenville South Carolina failed to qualify for the race~

    Mike Skinner, driving the Thee Dixon owned #85 Glidden Paints Chevrolet failed to start the race after qualifying 34, citing transmission trouble~ James Hylton quit the race on lap 17, not citing any issues other than he just didn't want to run anymore~ He was followed by Jimmy Means on lap 24, who dropped out due to steering issues~

     Lombard Illinois driver Bob Schacht dropped out on lap 58, citing transmission problems~ Ernie Irvan ended his day on lap 74, due to valve issues~ Lake Speed's engine gave out on lap 89, and driver Jerry O'Neil dropped out on lap 113 due to an oil leak~ The first 118 laps of the race were ran caution free, with the first caution coming out on lap 119 for debris~

                                                Image of Davey Allison's terrifying crash~
Davey Allison #28 Texaco Pocono Crash Wreck

    On lap 151 of the race, Davey and Darrell Waltrip were coming out of turn 2 when Darrell got a huge shove draft from Brett Bodine~ When this happened, he pulled down to pass Davey, who then tried to put a block on Waltrip~ Darrell held his ground and Davey was sent violently flipping end over end~ Mark Martin was heard over his radio saying "They should get a body bag ready, because there's no way he survived that"~

    Allison suffered a broken wrist in the crash, but was back in the car the next week for the Talladega race~ It can be argued that this race in particular was the race that cost Davey the 1992 Championship, as he had been leading the points battle all season long up until this accident~ After the race, Bill Elliott had a 9 point advantage over Allison~

                                                         The aftermath of Davey's crash~
1992 Miller Genuine Draft Pocono car Racing Champions 1/64 NASCAR diecast blog Davey Allison Darrell Waltrip

     Darrell Waltrip went on to win the race, thanks in part to a fuel gamble following the Allison crash, and was visibly upset in Victory lane, hoping that Allison was alright~ Harry Gant, who also gambled on fuel finished 2nd, his 35th and final 2nd place finish of his storied career~

     Alan Kulwicki, the eventual 1992 Cup Series Champion came home 3rd, and Chesapeake Virginia's Ricky Rudd finished 4th~ Ted Musgrave picked up the first top 5 of his career driving the #55 Jasper Engines Ford, finishing 5th~ Andy Belmont picked up the best finish of his Cup series career, finishing in the 28 position in the FDP Brakes Ford~

                                          1992 Miller Genuine Draft 500 Pocono track car~
1992 Miller Genuine Draft Pocono car Racing Champions 1/64 NASCAR diecast blog Davey Allison Darrell Waltrip
                                                            Click pics to enlarge~
1992 Miller Genuine Draft Pocono car Racing Champions 1/64 NASCAR diecast blog Davey Allison Darrell Waltrip

    Some collectors I've spoken with don't care for the track cars, but I personally love them~ So much history cram packed into one little Racing Champions car~ Each track card has information on the back of the card about the track, and dates of the races held there, along with ticket information, and the a cool picture on the front~

    Just a cool little gem to remember the specific race, and the memories that go along with it~ Being from Bristol Virginia, I have several of the Bristol track cars, I usually pick one up at every event I go to~ My personal favorite Pocono driver was Tim Richmond~ That guy really knew his way around the track, and would have changed the Cup series record books as we know them today had he lived long enough to do so~

    I have added a few videos below from the 1992 Miller Genuine Draft @ Pocono~ The last half of the race is on Youtube, but I wasn't able to upload it to the blog due to the uploader's Youtube preferences~Today's Pocono race is sure to be a good one, as Kyle Busch is on a mission to get into the top 30 in points to secure his rightful spot in the Chase for the Cup Championship~

    I hope you all have enjoyed this blog post, and will enjoy today's race as well~ I'm off to the flea market to try and pick up a few Racing Champions cars before the race starts~ Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by the blog!~ :)

1992 Miller Genuine Draft 500~ Starting Lineup~
                                                     Davey Allison's terrifying crash~
                                                                         Post race~
                                                                 Dallenbach crash~

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